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    COREtec Plus Flooring

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    With COREtec Plus flooring your residential or commercial premise is in for a luxurious flooring! We are proud to let our customers know that the COREtec Plus structure is one of its kind with the patented technology. Each plank is made out of Attached Cork Underlayment, COREtec CORE Structure (extruded core made from recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC) Luxury Vinyl Top Layer, followed by another Wear Layer—all these layers together create a strong and durable foundation, which will last forever. Plus COREtec Plus is Phthalate free and contains no DOP/DEHP additives.

    You just learned about our patented structure of COREtec Plus tiles, however, when you realize what it can do your flooring—you would care a lot more!

    Imagine robust flooring throughout your home or office that can take the wear of everyday hassles and high traffic issues occurring in commercial or residential settings. In fact, COREtec Plus will pass the toughest spill test with flying colors that no other flooring can endure! Cleaning water and food spills or murky footprints in busy homes, especially with kids or offices with high traffic areas in spaces such as the kitchen, mudroom, entryway, and reception kiosk, can be easily managed without the fear of damaging the flooring.

    All this is possible because COREtec Plus is 100% waterproof! So install the flooring in wet areas without the fear of swelling up when exposed to moisture. Further, with the top-quality vinyl material, you can expect natural resistance to mold and mildew. Most importantly, unlike wooden flooring, COREtec Plus is stable, which means COREtec Plus will not expand and contract depending on the weather outside. Also, it will not require expansion strips for bigger, larger rooms. The multi-layer construction that includes an Attached Cork Underlayment offers impact reduction resulting in a quieter floor.

    We too offer this flooring in multiple colors and finishes, so that you never have to compromise your design because a certain color isn’t available. Choose from a wide variety of color and finishes!

    If you are considering resurfacing your floor or you have to pick a new floor for your brand new home or office COREtec Plus is the way to go. Call us today to know more!

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